Stefano Giovannoni’s expressive designs skilfully play with the symbols and metaphors of the sub-conscious and their narrative qualities are fascinating. The brands Stefano Giovannoni works with include Alessi, Flos, Helit, Inda, Laufen, Magis, Oras, Seiko, 3M and many others. Not only does he design industrial products in the fields of kitchen, bathroom, furniture, the home, cars and electronics, he also designs interiors and architecture. His work is part of the permanent archive at the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris and at the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Stefano Giovannoni was born in 1954 in La Spezia and studied architecture in Florence. Today he lives and works in Studio Giovannoni, a restored old factory area in Milan city centre. With "ILBAGNOALESSI One" he has placed one of the most remarkable bathroom designs of recent years on the market. The Tam-Tam floorstanding washbasin, with its rounded, soft shape which highlights the organic aspect of the bathroom, received a Design Plus award and is the visual anchor and determining design feature of the bathroom, which is a cooperative venture between Alessi, LAUFEN and Oras. In 2010 Giovannoni has again been commissioned with the creation of a comprehensive extension of ILBAGNOALESSI One, which was presented with the Good Design Award 2011. In 2014 additional new objects for the popular collection followed, including for the first time accessories made of the revolutionary SaphirKeramik of Laufen.

Designer Stefano Giovannoni: “Immediately I started work on the Alessi bathroom project I quickly realised that the tub and ceramic components symbolise the nurturing aspect in bathrooms – the feminine world – curvaceous and soft. I tried to use this symbol in various features of the bathroom: This is obvious in the case of the ceramics, which are always pretty close to this archetypal symbol”.