Bathroom ceramics have been produced in the Bechyně factory since 1961 – an important economic mainstay of the town on the Lainsitz that is also home to the oldest vocational school of ceramics in the Czech Republic. Its good reputation led to the Schweizer Keramik Holding AG Laufen taking over the factory known as Jihočeská keramika Bechyně (South Bohemian Ceramics Bechyně) in 1991. In 1999 Laufen became part of the Spanish ROCA Group. And both companies became a part of it.

In 2002 the factory merged with LAUFEN CZ s.r.o. factory in Znojmo to become LAUFEN CZ with its headquarters in Prague. The high-quality bathroom ceramics, today produced in the state-of-art factory in Bechyně, are certified to international ISO 9001 quality standards.