Ceramic is one of the oldest man-made materials around, and consists entirely of naturally-occurring raw materials. Ceramic is 100% recyclable and can be added as ground material to the production process or used in other industries as a valuable raw material. The longevity and recyclability of materials is of critical importance for our environment.

The ceramic base-compound has always been made from naturally-occurring raw materials, with kaolin, clay, feldspar and quartz sand forming the basis for ceramic’s extreme toughness and hardness. Extreme temperatures during the firing process ensure that LAUFEN’s high-quality products are both extremely hard and highly wear-resistant. The smooth, easy-clean surface of the glaze means that ceramic meets the highest hygiene requirements, with chemical acids and abrasive cleaners unable to harm it. Lightfastness, sustainability and a pleasant feel make ceramic the most popular choice for high-quality sanitary items.

Vitreous China
Fired unglazed shards of vitreous china remain unbeaten when it comes to waterproofness (water absorption is virtually 0). Vitreous china meets the highest hygienic requirements as the only approved material for WC and urinal production.

With arbitrary non-linear shrinkage of around 10% in the drying and firing process, vitreous china is the oldest and also the most difficult to control material.

On account of the material’s own design language, soft, round, flowing shapes are best realized using vitreous china. Crossgenerational experience and excellent material engineering mean that large level surfaces and precise edges can also be realized using this material. Washbasins up to one metre in length can be made of vitreous china. The material is primarily used, however, for the production of WCs, urinals, bidets, etc. Exemplary products include the combination WCs Il bagno Alessi One and dOt.

Fine fireclay
Following the development of fine fireclay in the 80s, washbasin applications with a height greater than one metre can now be realized more easily. LAUFEN is gaining a reputation as a specialist for flawless large ceramic items that exceed 180 cm in length and 70 kg in weight.

The addition of chamottes (fired clay) enables non-linear shrinkage in the drying and firing process to be reduced to less than 10%. This makes it easier to control the behaviour of the ceramic and also facilitates the production of such sizes.

Fine fireclay is mainly used for the production of washbasins. The best examples are the 160 cm 01 washbasin from the Palomba Collection with its soft organic curves, smooth flat surfaces and precise edges, and the 180 cm double washbasin living square with its architectural lines.

Ceramic is the oldest malleable material used by mankind – and consists exclusively of naturally occurring raw materials. Ceramic is 100% recyclable and can be reintroduced into production processes as a ground powder or reused as a valuable raw material in other industries.


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