antero and lema urinals offer everything required by operators of public toilets: A thorough et water-saving flush, easy cleaning and maintenance and demandoriented control electronics.
The intelligent control system has different modes and can trigger cleaning after each user or at defined intervals with different flush quantities of between 0.5 and 3 litres. Following long periods of non-use, a hygiene flush takes place every 24 hours by default. An integrated overflow protection provides additional safety in the event of the outlet being clogged.

Stadium mode
If usage frequency is high, the system automatically switches to stadium mode, which causes flushing to take place independently of usage. The system then triggers a flush at a programmable interval. If the system detects no usage within a flushing interval, it automatically switches back to normal mode.

Hybrid mode
The urinal flushes at a predefined interval if usage is detected, and not after every single use. The flushing interval can be set to six different values between 1 h and 12 h. A predefined flushing volume is assigned to each flushing interval.

USB module
In addition to user-friendly operation via a control panel, settings can be changed conveniently on a laptop using a USB connection. The clear interface of the control software also allows status functions and statistics to be queried.

GLT module
With the help of an additional module, the LAUFEN control system has an interface to popular building control systems. This allows central flushing to be triggered and stopped, the flush quantity to be changed, and status queries to be made.